Seabulk Towing takes pride in its modern equipment and history of innovation in tugboat design and propulsion. This is evidenced by the SDM design (Ship Docking Module) which was first deployed in Port Everglades, Florida in 1997. This unique design and offset drive configuration were ahead of its time. The SDM's ability to lay perpendicular alongside a vessel’s hull and either push or pull while still applying 100% off her horsepower and bollard pull has been un-rivaled by existing tugboat designs. The SDM’s ability to work in tight quarters makes her an ideal tugboat for harbor services. The SDM paved the way for Seabulk Towing’s newest fleet additions from the international marketplace.

Seabulk Towing’s growing fleet renewal program has added the revolutionary Rotortug design. The patented Rotortug, designed by Rotortug B.V., a sister company to KOTUG in Rotterdam, has allowed Seabulk Towing to share the benefits of the safe and redundant design with the U.S. market. The three (3) drive unit configuration, two (2) forward and one (1) aft centerline allow the vessel’s Captain to operate the boat as an ASD, Forward Drive or SDM. With dual towing systems forward and aft, the Rotortug is an ideal design for escorting, harbor assist and offshore towing and support.

Seabulk Towing introduced Rotortug technology for the first time to the U.S. market in Port Everglades, Florida. The Trident (Port Everglades), Trinity (Mobile, AL), and Triton (Port Arthur, TX) have already entered service, much to the port and local pilot’s satisfaction.


Seabulk Towing Rotortug Trinity

Seabulk Towing Rotortug Trident