As an industry leader and part of the SEACOR Holdings family of companies, Seabulk Towing continually maximizes the safety, versatility, and performance of its operations with innovative vessel designs and operational solutions for its customers.

Over its long history, Seabulk Towing has developed a reputation for innovation, safe operations and the highest quality of service and along the way, it has introduced a number of industry firsts.

Seabulk Towing Rotortug Trident

Seabulk Towing’s Advanced Rotortug®

Seabulk Towing’s Advanced Rotortug® (“ART”) towing vessels, designed by Robert Allan Ltd., feature the unique triple Z-drive configuration, originally conceived and developed by KOTUG International BVof the Netherlands. Offering exceptional omnidirectional maneuverability and control, with a redundant propulsion machinery configuration, the ART series offers enhanced performance for ship-handling, terminal support and vessel escort services.

Seabulk Towing Rotortug Trident

The Revolutionary Ship Docking Module (SDM™)


Developed with assistance from the Elliott Bay Design Group, Seabulk Towing’s Ship Docking Modules (“SDMs”) are powered by twin Z-drives mounted fore and aft and together generating 4,200 horsepower. The unique design of this 90-foot tug can produce 100% of its ABS-certified bollard pull of 120,000 lbs. in any direction. Specifically built for ship-assist work in confined areas, the SDM provides powerful performance and ability to maneuver ultra-large commercial ships within narrow channels and environmentally sensitive waterways.

Seabulk Towing SDM New River